A Quick Guide for Fixing Cognitive Dissonance While Developing Online Trainings


Aglobally renowned pharmaceutical company implemented an eLearning course for training its employees on the various upcoming developments in the domain of genetic medicines. However, after some time when feedback sessions were carried, the organization found that the implemented courseware failed to enhance the knowledge base of its employees. The feedback on the online training fumed […]

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Formulating Enterprise Application Training Program? Here is Everything You Need to Know


American Sausages and Multicuisine Factory for the first time have decided to cross borders and launch its product in South Asia; focus is much more on the Indian market. As Indian market is diversified, people belong from different cultural backgrounds, hold different food habits and even speak in different languages, so the task for company […]

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Learn How to Ensure Learners are with you During Online Trainings


Are Your Learners Disengaged? Adoption and deployment of right eLearning module assure that employees are trained in a much better way through which overall profitability of the organization is supercharged in the long term. However, the fact is that adoption and deployment of an appropriate eLearning platform are just the half-work done. To assure there […]

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Articulate Storyline: Godsend for Creating Interactive eLearning Courses


Foodie Buzz, one of the most popular food chains in Northern America is struggling hard to make its employee market competent. Continuous training through eLearning and blended modes has failed to yield positive results. While training, it is important to motivate and engage learners, however, the organization has specifically failed to do so, which at […]

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Want to develop eLearning Content at the Drop of a Hat? Here is Everything You Need to Know


Many a time, organizations need to develop eLearning content at the drop of a hat. Especially, product based companies need to train their employees on a constant basis. Whenever they come out with new products, they need to train their aligned pros. As traditional eLearning development is a tedious and time-consuming process, developing eLearning content […]

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