Corporate Learning Platform for Ceasefire Industries Ltd

Ceasefire Industries Ltd. required eLearning services and LMS support to fulfill the training needs of over 2000 employees every year. FCS Learning Solutions delivered web-based learning programs and LMS solutions that enabled Ceasefire Industries to train their workforce in a virtual environment, and save the huge cost on physical instructor-led trainings. Through our custom eLearning services, we facilitated Ceasefire Industries to expedite the whole training process.

Company’s Overview

Ceasefire Industries is engaged into providing 360 degree fire safety and security solutions to home buyers, corporates, and government organizations. They have a portfolio of around 400 products under three categories – fire safety, security, and government and institutional solutions.

Ceasefire Industries have a team of around 2000 motivated professionals, along with a huge network of branch offices, sales professionals, and service engineers in over 300 cities across India. The company has technology tie-ups with world’s leading organizations like Hochiki and Visonic.

The Challenge

Ceasefire Industries delivers sales and marketing training to about 2000 team members every year. The company was using traditional classroom-based learning delivery methods for educating their existing and new workforce about the new and existing products.

The process is costing a monthly expense of Rupees 20 lakh towards maintenance of training center, travel arrangement for trainers and trainees, guest house accommodation, and food for everyone. Also, the time invested in training of employees was affecting sales operations.

Ceasefire Industries wanted to modernize their approach to learning. The company was looking for cost-effective learning solutions and LMS support for delivering training courses, creating reports, analyzing training needs, evaluating employees’ performance, and streamlining the existing process.

The Solution

FCS Learning Solutions developed custom eLearning solutions and Learning Management System to meet the requirements of Ceasefire Industries. Our team focused on the challenges stated by the client and delivered solutions that include:

  • Web-based training programs including online video demos, quizzes, and assessments
  • Interactive and engaging eLearning content for easy understanding and implementation
  • Learning Management System (LMS) for delivering all kinds of trainings in eLearning format
  • Rapid eLearning content development for quick updates and review
  • Use of role plays and scenario-based learning for sales operations
  • Integration of LMS with HRIS system for effective user management
  • Email notifications at every update, registration, completion, expiration, non-completion, and assessment score
  • Comprehensive reports for training delivery, re-training needs, escalations, assessments, and performance evaluation

The Results

Our custom eLearning solutions and LMS support help Ceasefire Industries to build online university for its 2000 employees. The online platform offers better user management based on the organizational structure, product category, team vertical, and re-training needs. Our eLearning solutions bestow the following learning needs and objectives of Ceasefire Industries:

  • Online university for 2000 employees
  • Better audience and user management
  • Create once, use multiple times learning courses
  • Configurable and customizable email notifications
  • Individual and role based learning curriculum
  • Just in time reporting
  • Effective training administration and scheduling
  • Certification and Assessment
  • Reports for performance evaluation

The Benefits

The primary objective to train 2000 employees through web-based learning delivery method is accomplished successfully. There was a close working partnership between FCS Learning Solutions and Ceasefire Industries that let effective prioritization of resources, time, scope and budget. Some of the key benefits from the project were:

  • Cost towards training center, travel, and lodging saved completely
  • Digital knowledge library of several courses which can be quickly updated or re-purposed for new audience
  • Training delivery time is reduced considerably enabling better optimization of resources for business development activities
  • Any time, any place availability of learning content for quick references and refresher trainings
  • Seamless integration of LMS with HRIS system for mapping of organization structure and user management
  • Just in time reporting for quick assessment
  • Increased retention with on-demand shorter learning capsules
  • Consistent delivery of content without any personal style or bias

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