Translation and Localization Services

Markets are expanding and boundries are blurring. It becomes imperative for large multi-national organizations to communicate their ideas and beliefs in the most effective manner to engage global employees. The need is to train them in the manner that fits their local cultures, values, and traditions.

At FCS Learning Solutions, we help companies to present their products, services, and learning initiatives globally with efficient, cost-effective translation and localization solutions. We help transform the existing training content into cost-effective multilingual learning programs.

With our team of native speakers and translation experts, we are able to provide all kinds of localization services for eLearning programs. Be it simple translation, or audio narration in native language, or reverse translation, we can take care of all kinds of requirements.

” Ensure your content is functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless for a specific set of audience with our translation and localization services. “

Our Translation and Localization services

Over the past 15 years, we have developed and translated hundreds of millions of words of content into several languages and locales. Our proven multilingual translation and localization strategies enable us to provide robust language solutions to a wide range of industry types with diverse business requirements. Our area of specialization and the types of content we translate and localize most often include:

  •     Product documentation (both digital and printed)
  •     Employee handbooks
  •     User assistance; help systems
  •     Customer and product support materials
  •     Marketing materials
  •     eLearning and training courses
  •     eLearning applications (including simulations)
  •     Software localization
  •     Business systems (ERP, CRM, database)
  •     Websites and other online content
  •     Operator’s manuals
  •     Quick reference guides
  •     Multimedia, audio and video
  •     Legal materials (contracts, patents, etc.)
  •     Medical translation



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