Engagement Models

At FCS Learning Solutions, we offer flexible engagement models designed to meet the distinctive learning needs of our clients with varying business interests. We are a team of passionate learning services providers, thriving to create unique learning experiences every time.

Our engagement models ensure that we are able to fulfill all kinds of learning requirements; whether small or big, short term or long term, or for internal employees or external audience. We have the right structure in place for managing all such requirements.

Take a look at the models listed below to understand what differentiates each one of them and how you can map them with your learning needs.

Fixed Price Dev. Center Resource Based
Basics Scope is fixed, specification are well-defined, risks are identified and mitigated, timeline specified Specifications are evolving, working on emerging technologies, scope may change frequently Required specialized skills, co-development, optimization of own resources
Scope Well Defined Evolving Skill Based
Time Fixed Flexible Managed by Clients
Best Suited For Small Projects/Short Term Requirement Strategic Long Term Engagement Skill Based Requirement
Changes Management Strictly Applied Not Required Not Required
Project Planning Service Provider Collaborative Client only
Talent Acquisition Service Provider Provider + Client Provider + Client
Team Composition Offsite Resources Onsite + Offsite Resources Onsite + Offsite Resources
Billing Based on Deliverables/Milestones Monthly Resource Cost + Profit Margin
  • Delivery within stipulated time
  • Scope, cost, and time generally stay the same
  • Addresses budget constraints
  • Scope is modifiable anytime during the project life cycle
  • Client controls requirement, processes, and resources
  • Risks are lower, low upfront investment
  • Engage high-quality resources
  • Share knowledge and expertise
  • Best optimization of own resources


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