Sales And Customer Support

Your sales and customer support staff is the one that interacts directly to your end-users. It is they who keep your consumers intact and give your business a leading edge over competitors. Invest in the training opportunities of your sales and customer support staff to better prepare them for handling consumers’ queries and objections.

Buyers today have more information than ever before about different products, their features, and key benefits. They know about your competitors and what products they are selling. With informed buyers, your sales and customer support staff should equally be trained to answer their queries, influence their buying decision, and keep them engaged with your brand.


Need Identification: FCS Learning Solutions helps companies to identify key areas where there sales and customer support staff required training. We analyze your learning requirements and offer custom solutions to bestow your specific learning needs.

Blended Learning: We equip your staff with advanced eLearning courses designed to help them learn both theoretically and practically about all the aspects of customer engagement. Our blended learning approach helps your audience understand consumer behavior, factors that determine their buying decision, and how to deliver better user experience.

Skills Enhancement: Through our sales and customer support trainings, we ensure your employees have skills across multichannel platforms to interact effectively and freely with customers. A thorough knowledge about sales operations allows them to provide the right products and services to the right audience at the right time.

Scenario-based Training: Our team of learning development experts creates focused, real life situations to demonstrate your audience about how to identify customer problems, position effective solutions, and develop skills for closing the sales.

Knowledge Evaluation: We evaluate your employees’ knowledge at every stage of learning through self-assessment papers and online exams, and focus on results that drive maximum ROI for your business.

    Benefits of Sales and Customer support trainings

  •     Result-driven learning solutions to improve employees’ competence
  •     Practical trainings to motivate and inspire your audience
  •     Assessments at regular intervals to check learning progress
  •     Systematically establish sales and customer support procedures
  •     Embed training programs tailored to fulfill specific learning needs


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