Learning Delivery Solutions

Learners want highly customized and personalized learning programs for just-in-time solutions to real-time problems. Learning developers and administrators want to know the effectiveness of programs delivered. Sponsors and stakeholders want to know the business ROI.

The answer lies in the implementation of a delivery system that delivers learning in a personalized environment, that tracks all activities, that provides customized reports to all the stakeholders and informs them about ROIs, a system which is scalable and easy to adopt.


LMS Consulting: We use our enriched experienced in Learning content development and delivery to suggest the best of LMS solutions considering your budget, volume, training cycle, expected ROIs and other important parameters. Our team of Learning Technologists constantly evaluate best off-the-shelf learning management systems as well open source ones to help organizations make well-informed decisions.

LMS Customization: Every organization is unique and have unique set of requirements. Even best of the best LMS need customization. We help organization personalize the user experience, workflow and reporting mechanism of their LMS. We specialize in customizing open source LMS based on Moodle Framework, please click here to learn more about our Moodle Customization Services.

LMS Migration: We help organization with LMS migration planning and execution with minimal disruption in regular training operations. We can take care of the entire change management process of LMS migration including content hosting, workflow management, users access and privileges, legacy reports, testing and verification of the destination LMS as well.

Integration with Custom Applications: Investing in LMS is not always an option available with you. You may want to integrate your online training programs with you custom built application to meet specific requirements. We will help you with seamless integration of online training content with your applications so that you are able to track learning activities and take out reports as well. This way you will be able to save significant cost towards buying and maintaining an LMS.

LMS Administration: You may not have all the required resources at your disposal to manage activities on your LMS. We will help you manage and administer the LMS with 24X7 online and phone support. Our team of expert LMS administrators and technical support team will manage the entire workflow for training delivery. Click here for more details

Benefits of Learning Delivery Solutions

  •     Saves cost, resources, and effort on managing training delivery activities
  •     Creation of customized and personalized learning environment
  •     Automation of training and performance evaluation processes
  •     Allows just-in-time delivery of training modules for quick support
  •     24X7 support for global audience with unique training requirements
  •    Highly customized reporting and user interface



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