Game based Learning

Studies have proved that adults learn when they have a real context and urgent need of application of learning concepts. Also they learn better when you put them in a competitive situation.
Game based learning solutions provide learners an experience of exploring things on their own, failing or making mistakes and then correcting themselves. In the process, they get awarded for individual or team performance and see how others are performing.


Complex Information: Training people on complex topics is a challenging task. The information is hard to digest and even harder to retain for real time application. It makes the task even more difficult if traditional methods of training delivery are employed.

Learner’s Engagement: Engaging learners throughout the program is the primary key for successful implementation of a training program. They learn and retain better when they are interacting with the program instead of being a passive learner. Also simple interactions may not yield the desired results always.

Learner’s Satisfaction: The inherent objective of any learning program is to provide a sense of satisfaction to the learners that they have achieved something or learned something useful from the training. They should feel confident of the concepts for actual application.

Eliciting Performance: Carrot and stick does not always work, you have to have a performance mechanism within the training program to challenge and motivate learners.


Game Environment:  Game Based Learning provides an easier way to grasp complex information. We choose games that are closer to real life and more forgiving for making mistakes and correcting them. The customized and personalized experience also adds to the retention value.

Learn with Fun: We design a range of learning games that include brain teasers, quizzes, arcade style, sports theme, etc, to ensure maximum learners’ participation and help them acquire critical knowledge while having fun in the process.

Game Mechanics: We incorporate virtual rewards in our learning games to acknowledge learners’ success and reinforce desired behavior for solving a particular problem. The zeal of earning more points or a particular badge pushes them for mastering the concepts faster and every failure compels them for better performance next time.

Active Learning: : Learners make choices and plan strategy to play and win the game. The elements such as leader board and levels enhances their competitiveness and enable high level of engagement and performance.

Benefits of Learning Games:

  •    Engage learners into a playful and fun environment
  •   Poses challenges and winning conditions to elicit critical thinking
  •    Motivates learners for better performance and rewards them
  •   Presents real-life situation in simulated environment
  •   Reduce the risk of live errors and on-the-job accidents
  •    Incorporates stories, characterization, and drama thus uping the entertainment quotient
  •    Mechanics such as leaderboard, badges, score and mastery level brings the best out of learners



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