Product Trainings

In an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, it becomes a prerequisite for every company to train their sales and marketing staff about new and existing products effectively. Product training solutions help organizations’ run their business strategies by equipping their sales force with products’ key features, benefits, competition, and unique selling points.


Synchronizing Trainings with Product Launches: Sales and marketing team needs to made aware of the new products or updates well ahead of the product launches. Sometimes this ideal situation is simply not possible to achieve.

Sales Enablement: Knowing about a product’s features is just not enough, your salesforce needs to be trained on how to position the product effectively and sell solutions based on the USPs of the product.

Knowledge Retention: Most products sales trainings are forgotten within few days of training completion. A business cannot afford poorly equipped sales force that keeps on forgetting the key value propositions of a product.

Handling Objections: Today many customers do their homework before making a purchase, they raise their unique concerns, objections, and issues with the sale person, the salesforce needs to be equipped with tools to handle such objections.


Agile Development: We have adopted AGILE methodology for development of product based trainings. We work with our customers as extension of their team to facilitate training updates that coincide with product launches. Through this adoptable model, updates in training programs virtually happen in real time as and when the product is taking new shapes everyday.

Not Just Product Trainings: We strive to create wholesum experience for product trainings which not only focuses on highlighting unique selling points of the product but also provide sale and marketing team with tools that enables the sales. Our product training solutions have refresher training capsules with competitive analysis and studies, case studies on similar products, user stories and experience. The key is to enable sale force with solutions that can provide measurable benefits to the customers.

Focus on Engagement: We don’t believe in big PowerPoint presentations or sleep-inducing training manuals. Our focus is on getting maximum user engagement through interactive presentations, videos, quizzes, and self-assessment practice modules that enable learners to engage and retain the knowledge for a longer time.

Encouraging Solutioning: Employees feel empowered and confident when they are equipped with solutions around the product they are about to sell. This gives them competitive advantage in handling customers’ objections and concerns. They are able to position the product as a solution rather than as just another product with some specific use.

    Benefits of Product Trainings:

  •     Build employees’ confidence in products and it’s value proposition
  •     Equip your staff with sound product knowledge and solutions around the products
  •     Best practices are executed consistently and repeatedly
  •     Better prepare your staff for handling customer objections
  •     Improve up-selling and cross-selling opportunities


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