Process Trainings

Successful organizations have standard operating procedures and work instructions to ensure quality assurances across all the departments. Theses SOPs and WIs are expected to be followed consistently by every employee to ensure synchronization of efforts in various processes. Thus it becomes imperative that they understand these SOPs and WIs completely and apply in their day-to-day tasks.


Consistent Application: It is of utmost importance that people learn business processes quickly and apply them consistently to ensure quality in their deliverables. Easier said than done.

Change Management: No one process can remain static forever. Organizations have to adopt new processes or update existing ones to keep pace with changing business environment or technology. Managing changes to processes is quite challenging.

Boring Content: Training on compliance and company processes can become monotonous at times with so much of static information. The key is to somehow engage people for better knowledge retention and effective implementation of processes.

Time: At times organizations have to respond real fast to changes in the business or regulatory environments, updating the processes and training the workforce on them in timely manner becomes absolutely critical for the health of the business.


Blended Learning: We understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we recommend leveraging the benefits of both online and traditional training methods to deliver process and compliance trainings. The trainings are customized and personalized to achieve maximum retention and adoptability.

Modular Learning Units: We purposely keep individual learning units short and simple so that they can be updated with minimal effort to respond to any changes in the organization’s business environment.

Learners’ Engagement: We use lot of real time scenarios, stories, and role plays in our process training solutions to engage learners. This enables them to do critical thinking and make their own decisions in a given situation.

Rapid Development: We employ lot of rapid development tools and techniques to enable fast and easy updates to the process trainings. This reduces time-to-train people considerably and improves business efficiency.

Our Process Training Solutions include:
  •     Human Resource Training
  •     Compliance & Awareness Training
  •     Sales & Marketing Training
  •     Technical Process Training
  •     Customer Service Training
  •     Leadership & Management Training
  •     Emergency Procedures Training

    Benefits of Process Trainings

  •     Bridges gap between people, processes, and quality
  •     Increases adoption of processes and standard practices
  •     Enables continuous process improvement and quality assurance in business functions
  •     Easy to integrate step-by-step as well as complex business processes
  •     Simplifies regulatory compliances
  •     Instill confidence and motivates learners


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