Articulate Storyline: Godsend for Creating Interactive eLearning Courses

Foodie Buzz, one of the most popular food chains in Northern America is struggling hard to make its employee market competent. Continuous training through eLearning and blended modes has failed to yield positive results. While training, it is important to motivate and engage learners, however, the organization has specifically failed to do so, which at the end laid to:

1. Lack of interest and motivation among learners

2. No mechanism to check on learners’ progress

To overcome these hassles, the organization called for a meeting with Jack Samuels, L&D Manager of Foodie Buzz. In the meeting, the organization asked Jack to create an eLearning content that engages learners and at the same time, helps the company to keep an eye on learners’ progress.
To motivate, engage and track learners’ progress, creating quizzes and introducing them in eLearning courses is one of the smartest options available for Jack. However, before creating quizzes, the major catch for Jack is to adopt and implement an appropriate eLearning authoring software, which is – easy-to-use, have an interactive user interface and is cost-friendly for the organization.


The most famous and easy-to-use eLearning authoring software available is Articulate. For creating quizzes, Jack while adopting Articulate Storyline, has, however, two options – Articulate Storyline 1 and its latest version; Articulate Storyline 2. In this blog post, we will broadly discuss major differences between both the versions, help Jack to opt the best version of Articulate Storyline and at the end, will guide Jack in creating quizzes using the appropriate eLearning authoring software. Let’s begin.

Major Differences between Articulate Storyline 1 and 2

After the success of Articulate Storyline 1, to meet the market needs, the company has come out with the advanced version of Articulate Storyline 2. For accomplishing his task efficiently and adopt the right eLearning authoring software, it is important for Jack to understand the key differences between both the versions.


After understanding the fundamental differences between Articulate Storyline 1 and 2, it is wise to advise Jack to use Articulate Storyline 2 to add quizzes in an eLearning course. Further, in this article, we will guide Jack in creating quizzes using Articulate Storyline 2.


A Quick Guide for Creating Quizzes using Articulate Storyline 2

For creating quizzes using Articulate Storyline 2, Jack needs to follow the following steps:


STEP 1 Create a quiz question
STEP 2 Click on the “new slide” icon
STEP 3 Select the quizzing tab
STEP 4 From the graded tab, add options
STEP 5 Open a question form to add contents
STEP 6 Add a question
STEP 7 Add multiple choices
STEP 8 Select the right answer
STEP 9 Give general feedback and close the form
STEP 10 Preview the slide


Last Few Words

Adding quizzes in eLearning courses is simple, thanks to Articulate Storyline 2. With Microsoft PowerPoint like interface, Articulate Storyline 2 does not need an expert guidance for creating quizzes. Jack and his organization Foodie Buzz by using this eLearning authoring tool can easily make the training process for their employees much more attractive and at the same time help employees in retaining what they have learned.

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