Want to develop eLearning Content at the Drop of a Hat? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Many a time, organizations need to develop eLearning content at the drop of a hat. Especially, product based companies need to train their employees on a constant basis. Whenever they come out with new products, they need to train their aligned pros. As traditional eLearning development is a tedious and time-consuming process, developing eLearning content at the faster pace is a major challenge for these organizations.


Smith, Learning and Development Manager of A & B Food Co, is currently facing the similar situation. Organization called a meeting to decide how new products should be launched, and more importantly how sale executives need to be trained about these products and that too at shortest time span. Smith with no prior knowledge of eLearning content development is assigned the job of eLearning content development for corporate training.
On the course of eLearning content development, primary challenge Smith faces is – developing eLearning content faster and accurate and that too without knowledge of eLearning content development. Normally, eLearning professionals or vendors take 73 to 220 hours for eLearning content development. Now overcoming the challenge to develop eLearning content at a quick span of time and without any prior experience is proving to be the lifetime challenge for Smith.


Due to lack of time, going through the traditional eLearning content development method is not an option for Smith, and therefore, he needs an out of the box suggestion. In this article, to help Smith to meet the challenge of delivering eLearning content faster, we discuss the best available methodology. Let’s begin.

Understanding Rapid eLearning Development in a Nutshell

Rapid eLearning development is the 21st century eLearning solution that makes the development of eLearning content faster. As compared to traditional methodologies of eLearning content development, by using this method, Smith without specializing in eLearning course development can develop eLearning and that too within just 33 hours.


Rapid eLearning development, the phrase used since 2004 refers to the methodology that helps businesses to develop and deliver eLearning content faster and cheaper. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) by using rapid eLearning authoring tools create content without the intervention of eLearning professionals such as Instructional Designers (IDs) and programmers.

SMEs by using rapid eLearning authoring tools such as Lectora, Zebra Zapps and many more can create eLearning modules on Power-Point, record narration and bank on software and other related collaboration activities to add texts on the top of slides. By using rapid eLearning content development method, Smith can build content easily, try different options and at the end create a better and simple eLearning module.


Rapid eLearning Development: A Godsend for Smith

Rapid eLearning development methodology for eLearning content development is a godsend for Smith. Summing up, Smith may avail several advantages by adopting this route for eLearning content creation, which includes:


  • High SMEs input
  • Easily customizable
  • Determine high-level requirements and technical considerations for LMS purchase, such as software, host, training staffs and more.
  • Minimal development cost
  • Short learning curves for learners
  • Simple and short training requirements
  • Creation of eLearning course at faster pace
  • Only a basic level of IT knowledge needed to create content
  • No intervention of professionals such as designers and programmers


For Smith’s organization and other such, who need to formulate eLearning content quickly and too little experience and budget, there is no better option than rapid eLearning content development. By using this mechanism, you Smith can easily respond to business requirements and drive costs down.

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